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Arcade Fire – Everything Now (Official Video)

been hearing this one a lot lately, and damned if i don’t feel the sudden impulse to crank this badboy up whenever i hear it… gotta love Arcade Fire, what a great band.

not sure how the hell we got on the subject, but a friend of mine was going on and on about this song by rihanna… said she wasn’t a big fan, but damned if it wasn’t an awesome performance, and after streaming it through my tv/speakers last night i gotta say… she was right, cuz i’m not much of a fan either but that was a great performance.

Vangelis – Blade Runner Soundtrack (Remastered 2017)



  1. Ditto on the AF!


  2. Man, they’re another great band that feels like i’ve been following or listening to forever… and yet, seems just like yesterday that i first heard them y’know?

    funny how time flies, mang :)

    have ya heard their new album?


  3. Haven’t really listened to the whole thing, but I was late to the party on this band, then I heard “Reflector” and now I have a few of their best tunes. did you check out the new Spoon album? Also diggin Bon Iver’s latest? I can’t get my head around a two hour commute!


  4. Creature Comfort:
    The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

    Arcade Fire – Creature Comfort (Official Video)


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