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Naked Man F*cks Shark

Social media exposes naked man posing on top of dead shark

It was the photo that stuck in many craws. A few jaws, too.

Here was a large, naked man lying on top of a (presumably) dead shark.

Wildlife TV presenter Anneka Svenska posted the picture just over a week ago, accompanied by the words: “Who is this man? Please RT, find him & ask him why he did this? Where is the humour in humiliating slaughtered animals?”

It incited much reaction.

man, that’s just so fucked up.

i mean seriously, what in the world was this guy thinking? well then again, maybe he was drunk off his ass after spending all day out on the water and thought it’d be funny as hell to strip naked and fuck lay on top of a dead shark.

PS. the crazy shit people do, right? lol

1 Comment

One Comment

  1. I thought a shark’s tail was vertical. Not horizontal.


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