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not sure what it was exactly, but the other day i pulled up my site and it just felt a little… old… not like super dated or anything, but i just suddenly felt a little bored with it — it usually happens this way, and when it does, i’ll usually start thinking about it until something or a design idea just “clicks” in my head.

…and that’s exactly what happened a couple days back.

yup, so here’s the new blog design i whipped up.

this past thursday i started looking around on some of the popular wordpress theme sites, figuring that it’d be a helluva lot easier to find one that i liked and tweak it out… but after an hour or two of looking around, i just didn’t see anything that really grabbed me and i finally got to that “okay, fuck it” point… so then i grabbed my trusty paper and pencil to sketch some ideas out — might sound old school, but i’ll be damned if it’s not easier and faster to sketch it out with paper than firing up Sketch or Photoshop… i usually only go that after i got a good idea on paper, and really only if i / when i need them.

it’s been a couple years now i guess, and i’ll be honest… i’m really no closer to really getting and understanding all the ins-and-outs of WordPress… seriously man, i just grab either my last theme or one of the free stock ones that come with WP and roll up my sleeves… and start editing / modifying / tweaking it out until i beat it into what i want.

…and that’s exactly what i’ve been doing for the past 2 days.

anywho, figured it was time for a change around here and this is what i came up with… still probably needs some edits and various tweaks — it’s my personal blog, so i never really quite seem to cover all the bases or find every little “bug” since i’m usually moving pretty fast and just want to get all the main parts of the blog theme done.

hope ya dig!



  1. I love that you keep things fresh around here. Keep it up!

    Side note… any chance you can enable search on your site? I just bought a pair of MH40’s and wanted to find the post you did on your pair. Sweet headphones, love’n ’em!


  2. Blarg! Now I wish for an edit button! ;)

    Just notice you made a search button in this theme…


  3. This is f’ing great man. Like it way more than your last theme. I also hear you on the WordPress. It can be clunky at times to edit.


  4. Thanks mang! :)

    Yeah, wordpress really is kind of a bitch… never really get into it all that much until i want to change or tweak a theme, then i’m right back in the same place i was the last time trying to figure it out… ugh, whatever.

    But i’m digging this one that i whipped up.

    Just feels a little more “FOO” y’know? heh


  5. awww yeh. i’m surprised you’re not using a babe in the background.


  6. @jeff: actually started with some bouncing boobs on loop… but g’damn it was distracting as hell… hahaha

    @brad: thanks buddy, glad ya dig ;)


  7. Looks real Cool fo0!


  8. @harb: thanks mang!

    have a few more tweaks in mind, but think that can wait for another day… heh.


  9. Love it mang!


  10. This 580px width actually feels like a step back to the late 90’s. But I’m not here for the design, so I’ll just shut up.


  11. Feels like I’m on the site for background and this thing on the right are just latest tweeets …


  12. Animated background is always nice, but agree with p. More focus on your (great) content


  13. HispanicPanic May 24, 2016 at 11:01 am

    Why is everything pushed over to the right?


  14. wow, late 90’s….?!?????

    that’s a little crazy / harsh, do you remember what sites looked like back in the late 90’s? maybe i should post some screenshots to remind people what websites looked like for the most part back then. lol

    actually, with all the popular “card” layouts that everybody has adopted with the amazing growth in mobile, i would argue that going with a more narrow/focused content width is more modern — though i can see some of the obvious flipsides to that as well.

    hmmm, maybe i’ll sit down one day and play around with the design a bit… maybe come up with a V2 of it, with a little more emphasis on the content side.

    {{{ taps keyboard in thought }}}


  15. @foo, I do remember what sites used to look like in the 90’s. Maybe it sounded more harsh that it was intended. Your site doesn’t look like it’s taken from a Geocities account (although your animated background is a tad bit annoying as all the elements and gifs were). I was referring to the fact that we don’t use 640×480 screens now days and it feels like a step back.

    As @dotZoki put it, it feels a bit like your content is a list of your latest tweets.

    I remember when I first visited your site (it might have been around 2001) when I strongly disagreed with your praise for the invasion of Iraq, back then you had like 20 designs to choose from and I remember I liked a bunch of them.

    Blah Blah Blah, this is probably my least favorite of all the different designs you’ve whipped out. But I do think you’re really creative whipping out new designs every now and then!


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