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NFL Preseason 2017, The Biggest Concerns

The biggest concern for each NFL team headed into the 2017 preseason


If not for the Jets’ three-man crapapalooza, the Broncos’ quarterback battle would be the laughing stock of the league. Reports out of camp do not bode well for either incumbent starter Trevor Siemian and supposed QB of the future Paxton Lynch. Siemian doesn’t have the physical tools to be a starter in the league, and Lynch lacks everything else required to successfully play the quarterback position. It’s going to be another long year for an already over-taxed defense.

been following the broncos in the offseason here and there, and i gotta say… don’t really have a whole lot of warm ‘n fuzzies over our QB situation either… soooooo many changes as usual, but damn — you’d think they’d have this all figured out by now.

i watched the premier of ‘Hard Knocks’ on HBO last night, and even though i’m not a Bucs fan by any stretch of the imagination, it did get me all pumped up for this coming football season… oh man, seriously, bring it the fuck on already!

speaking of football, looking forward to chilling out and watching tonights game even if it’s just a preseason game between the Texans and Panthers.

PS. happy retirement, wilfork!


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