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No Avatar Sequel in 2018

James Cameron Says No Avatar Sequel in 2018

In an interview published by the Toronto Star, James Cameron reveals that the sequel to the groundbreaking 3D movie Avatar will not hit theaters in 2018. Of course, Cameron notes that he is not merely making Avatar 2. Three sequels to the original are in concurrent production, which represents an epic eight-year undertaking for the director of the top grossing movie of all time.

Avatar’s influence on the movie and the TV industry cannot be overstated. Even though 3D for home viewing is becoming a niche format for AV enthusiasts who are into front projection—major TV makers totally abandoned 3D in 2017—it persists as a popular choice in commercial cinemas and 3D movies continue to be released. […]

Regardless of what the ramifications are of delaying the first sequel—Cameron notes that there never was a firm release date—one thing is for sure: When these sequels arrive, there’s no telling what sort of innovations they will serve as catalysts for. After all, with Avatar and Titanic, Mr. Cameron is responsible for the #1 and #2 top grossing films of all time—quite an accomplishment.

to be honest, i’m kinda tired hearing about these vaporware new Avatar movies or sequels… after all this time, i wished they’d just stop talking about it… if he ever actually does come out with a sequel, cool beans… otherwise, why even bother talking about it?


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