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One Sweet Loadup

a buddy gave me a tip yesterday about BJs having these new boxes of “not your fathers root beer”, so i literally jumped in the car and drove over…

…and yup, after a bit of searching and walking around, i found ’em… fuck yeah! seriously man, felt like a little kid or something… went ahead and snagged two cases, and i’ll have to swing back over in another couple weeks to see if they still have them — since i’m curious if they’ll be keeping it in stock or not.

sure hope so ;)

#NotYourFathersRootBeer  #delicious



  1. I’m not sure if your a fan of there other products but we just released there hard version of Mountain Dew. It’s pretty great. They also have apple pie it is like having a glass of dessert perfect after meals.


  2. holy cow, really?

    hmmmmm… gonna have to keep an eye out for it and give it a try, especially curious about that apple pie… lol



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