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Philly Gets Rowdy After Super Bowl Win

Super Bowl celebration in Philadelphia turns rowdy after Eagles win championship

What started on the streets of Philadelphia as a joyous celebration of the Eagles’ first Super Bowl championship Sunday night, quickly turned rowdy and destructive as night gave way to morning.

Boisterous fans smashed a Macy’s store window, looters broke into a convenience store and other revelers flipped over a car, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

y’know, i was wondering about that last night after the game… joked about philly being ripped a new one by the fans, and figured they were probably going ape-shit crazy in the city… so yeah, no big surprise here! lol

congrats to the Eagles though… not sure which one is more insufferable — Eagles or Patriot fans.

hmmm… tough one.

Super Bowl Ratings Slip To 8-Year Low As Eagles Score Historic Win



  1. Patriot fans are annoying, but Eagles fans are insufferable. Ugh.


  2. Yeah man, i’ve always heard they were the worst… so shouldn’t be all that big of a surprise that they’d be out in the streets going nuts — still don’t understand why the fuck somebody would set a car on fire though… i mean, why would you do that?!?!???



  3. Did you see the idiot eat horseshit? WTF!!!!????


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