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Ready For Colbert?

America Isn’t Ready for Colbert to Replace Letterman

Well, that was fast. A week after David Letterman announced he was stepping down as host of Late Show with David Letterman, CBS announced that his replacement: Stephen Colbert, who signed a five-year contract to take over for the talk-show veteran.

First of all, congratulations to Colbert.

Second of all, this is not gonna go well.

On paper, it’s a shrewd move by CBS. NBC and ABC have already doubled down on the “youth market” by signing the Duelin’ Jimmies (Fallon and Kimmel, respectively), and now Colbert has a shot at overhauling CBS’ image as That Network For Old People and Dummies.* He’s also proven time and time again that he generates online buzz, draws heavyweight guests, and can even dredge up some gravitas when need be. […]

Is he a good talk-show host? Quite possibly. And the fact we don’t know him isn’t a problem—but the cognitive dissonance is. That first time the theme music plays, and the lovely and thoughtful Colbert walks out and begins to speak, the odds are good that thousands and thousands of people will look at each other in their living rooms and ask: “Hey, where’s that desk-pounding jerk we used to watch on Comedy Central?”

i have no idea if it’s going to go well for him or not, but i like Colbert and think he’ll do just fine… hell, has to be better than Letterman, who should’ve retired years ago if you ask me.

then again, i don’t really watch these late night shows and never have… so either way, no hair off my balls.

p.s. The Best of Colbert



  1. I’ve been watching him and Jon Stewart for quite awhile now. I think he’ll be great!


  2. +1

    i think so too, and wish him the best… kinda sucks to see him go from comedy central, though :/


  3. Aw, this is defintely gonna be weird. To make this work, he’ll have to be in his character and not his actual self which is regular. The guests will also have to know that he isn’t being serious about most of the questions if he does that. But, the best of wishes to him, since he is pretty funny. Also, I like CBS, it seems like they have the really good shows in each genre on. They seem like the only network with stable broadcasting.


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