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Recent Worst Movies?

read a comment earlier this morning about “Interstellar” being one of the worst movies (ever?), and it’s had me thinking / wondering about what the worst movie i’ve seen this past year or so… sure seems like there’s been quite a few, but right off the top of my head i’d have to go with these two — the only question for me is:

Which is worse?

damn man, tough one!

i honestly don’t know which one i was more disappointed in… “Superman v. Batman” or “Suicide Squad”? hmmm… shit.

okay, i’ll go with suicide squad.




  1. Suicide Squad…worst movie I saw last year, possibly in a long, long time. Call me crazy, but I didn’t ~hate~ Batman v Superman. Wasn’t great but it did make me a little anxious for Wonder Woman & Justice League. Maybe because I was a little more on the DC side, or more accurately wasn’t a big fan of Avengers comics. So hands down to thumbs down in Suicide Squad…


  2. Suicide Squad…although in full disclosure, it sucked so badly I couldn’t finish it…apparently I didn’t miss anything in the second half.


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