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Refresh’n Babes

it’s been a loooooong time since i touched the babes page, hasn’t it?

i kinda had the idea in the back of my head when i started on this current design, but never really got around to it and figured that maybe one day when i had some time – yeah i know, we always say that don’t we?

let’s play.
anywho, as chance would have it, i found myself sitting around for a few hours on a saturday morning and instead of watching a movie, playing Halo/Tomb Raider, or going outside to cut the damn grass again (ugh) thought i’d sit down and fuck around with it a bit… it’s way past time i gave the babes page a quick refresh.

it’s been too long.
man, i haven’t touched this page in at least a year (more like two?), and it really needed a little love… the latest pics are all shown and resized a bit depending on your device viewport – on the desktop you can click on ’em and get a full-view image with the lightbox… on the iphone/ipad, tap on one and it’ll just go straight to the source image since i typically dislike lightboxes on mobile.

scroll’n, what?
i also wanted to add in some infinite scroll goodness, but i’m having some issues wrapping my head around it at the moment… seems like there’s not that many people that’ve implemented it using a simple cfdirectory tag with CF7 – i know, shocker.

maybe one day i’ll take another whack at it.

p.s. happy mother’s day!

update: played around with the header a bit, too.



  1. you are loyal to cf, i must say


  2. well, was toying around with the idea of switch’n over to WP, but could never quite get a proper database import working from my 10+ year old handcoded CF blog…. :/

    been tempted a couple times to just say “fuck it” and start over, but could never quite pull the trigger, mang.


  3. loving your work foo ;)


  4. thanks buddy ;)

    as usual, a “design” is never really done right outta the gates, at least with me… takes some tweaking until it feels right. heh.


  5. Definitely like the new layout Foo. The B&W preview gives a great noststalgia look too.


  6. i’ve always been a fan of the B&W filters, but haven’t done that in ages… funny how IE introduced that over 10 years ago, and they’re just starting to come back again. heh.


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