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RIP Chester Bennington

Linkin Park singer and father-of-six Chester Bennington commits suicide aged 41 on the birthday of his late friend Chris Cornell

Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington has committed suicide. The 41-year-old hanged himself in his home in Palos Verdes near Los Angeles on Thursday morning, TMZ reports. Law enforcement officials say his body was found shortly before 9am.

The Los Angeles County coroner confirmed they were investigating Bennington’s death as an apparent suicide but no additional details were available.

The singer had a history of drug and alcohol abuse. He was married and is survived by his six children.

damn man, what sad news :(

PS. whoa… 6 kids?!




  1. really? how selfish. you get caught ip in your own stuff . not cool .


  2. Not cool bro. Get some help if you feel this bad, those 6 kids now left without a dad. So damn sad.


  3. Yeah, seriously… it’s sad and terrible news, but once i read that he had 6 freak’n kids (didn’t know that)… just felt bad for them.

    I mean… wow.


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