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now this is pretty damn cool… we just just released a new feature on AddThis, called the Service Directory, that allows site owners and publishers to submit their service to us and get their sharing services listed in the AddThis menu… basically just opening it all up, which is pretty badass.

so naturally, i played around one day and created a quick “sharing page” or endpoint that allows you to easily share something you might see out in the wild and post it right to my little humble site here… we’ve been working on this for the last few weeks or so, and it’s totally tripping me out, man. here’s a quick walk-through of how it works:

Click on the “share” on GameTrailers, and bring up the “more” menu…

AddThis expanded menu on GameTrailers (1)

Filter the service listings by typing in the first few characters of “forgetfoo”

AddThis expanded menu on GameTrailers (2)

Click on “forgetfoo” and you land on my sharing page…

Share landing page on forgetfoo.com

Click on a shared link, and you see the sharing “FooBar”. heh.

Customized sharing 'FooBar' when you click a shared link on forgetfoo.com

the sharing FooBar is cool because it allows you to retweet the page, post it to facebook, email it, etc… oh, there’s also a bookmarlet on my share page that you can drag-n-drop to your browser Bookmarks Bar (Firefox, Chrome, Safari), which comes in damn handy.

check it out and lemme know what you think!



  1. thanks man… i’ve been sitting on this for two weeks now, and it’s been kinda killing me. *chuckle*

    curious to see if peepz grab the bookmarklet and share some cool shit to me here ;)


  2. That is a cool feature. Checked out the AddThis services page. I would love to implement this myself. How exactly did you create your own sharing page?


  3. you can get one up and running pretty easily… create a page or “endpoint” on your website that can take two basic URL params:

    1) “title” – which is the title of the URL being shared or posted
    2) “URL” – the actual URL of the link being shared

    there’s some more options (OExchange specs), but thats the basics.

    once you have a page up that can take shared URLs being passed to it, you can go to the AddThis Service Directory and submit your service – has some other things on the form that you’ll need to fill out… submissions come in and we review them for inclusion in the AddThis share menu.

    pretty sweet, aye? ;)


  4. “a page up that can take shared URLs being passed to it” That’s the part I didn’t understand how to do.


  5. well, on the share page i whipped up, i just look for two URL params (“title” & “url”), and if their present then i pre-populate the form with the values passed along in the url…



  6. Yay! Now you can get bombarded by Viagra adds :-/


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