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SI @ Beaches of Fiji

Kate Upton, Ashley Graham, Hannah Ferguson & More Take On Fiji

oh man… kinda makes you wanna go hit the beach one last time before it’s too late, doesn’t it?

PS. also really makes me wanna go to Fiji.



  1. boring, Kate Upton is old news. The large girl is for whos benefit?


  2. They’ve been on this weird PC kick the last couple years… guess it’s kind of a nod to… larger, more full-figured women… or something.

    And you’re sooooo right about kate upton… they seriously need to move on, especially since she’s been on the cover for the past 3 years or some shit — crazy.

    Still, there were a couple sexy ones in there ;)


  3. yes there are the aexy ones for sure , however the need to step it up. If they want the bigger girl approval from their market they need to give us sexy teasers so theynat least entice (sp?)me .


  4. psndont get me wrong, im attracted to woman of all types. I just think it’s being used as a “cash grab”, like power assisted mountain bikes. But thats another topic.


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