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Speed Is the New SEO

For Web Developers, Speed Is the New SEO

Page speed refers to the time it takes a specific web page to display its content — text, images and more.

Google uses a point-based system that ranges from 0-100 that considers two main components of page speed: time to above-the-fold load and time to full page load.

When optimized, page speed can work wonders for your brand — no matter what your business goals are. Fast loading sites, in general, receive 25% more views in ads, lower bounce rates and better reputations. Best of all, users stay longer.

That’s why your page speed directly affects your sales and conversions. The faster your web page, the more revenue you’ll make.

i just love, and couldn’t agree more, with the title of this article — speed is the new SEO, bitches!




  1. Speed even more than display. If they bounce away before the site loads, they never see whether it’s mobile ready or not. We built mobile ready out, not the other way round. Speed kills though. People won’t wait.


  2. Yeah man, that’s a big part of “mobile ready or first” that i don’t really seem to see a lot about… having it responsive is great and all, but nothing really trumps speed.

    Speaking of which, it really is about time i did another audit on addthis… refactored a bunch of shit awhile back, but now that i’m thinking about it… hmmmm

    /adds to the todo list


  3. The funny thing is. When we launch websites we set the standard they need to be at the very least at the upper 80’s, and preferably in the 90’s.
    But 2 weeks after clients get their sites and they start messing with content it goes down to low 70’s. And I honestly can’t figure out why. We have all the necessary mechanics in place to counter that – minification, srcsets on all images, caching, you name it.


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