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Star Trek: Discovery Premiere Ends With Cliffhanger

Star Trek: Discovery premiere ends with shock cliffhanger

The first new Star Trek TV series in 12 years opened with a shocking plot twist as the new show’s hero, First Officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), became the first Starfleet officer in history to commit mutiny.

After accidentally killing a Klingon while investigating a mysterious anomaly, Burnham became convinced the enemy ships were going to destroy her vessel, the USS Shenzhou. So Burham took out her beloved Captain Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) — via Vulcan nerve pinch! — and attempted to order her crew to open fire on a Klingon ship (like a Star Trek version of “Han shot first). Except Georgiou recovered just in time to override her order and put her First Officer under arrest.

i finally got around to watching the first episode of Star Trek: Discovery yesterday, and i have to say… i thought it was actually pretty damn awesome, and a lot better than i guess i was expecting… loved the opening intro, too — though i’m still not super jazzed about the music, but whatever.

still not paying for the CBS app to watch it, though.



  1. I really liked it as well. But one thing bothered me – how the hell someone as unstable as Burham managed to reach the rank of first officer? I would not let that woman drive a bus, let alone lead a starship. The actress is really good in that role though :)


  2. Sad they are tying this series to their streaming service. I really liked the episode, but will not be paying for their subscription service. I hear their streaming service also still contains commercials. WTF.


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