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Star Trek Spoof: The Orville

The First Trailer for Seth MacFarlane’s Star Trek Spoof The Orville Looks Perfect

When Star Trek Discovery is going to make it to the airwaves is anyone’s guess. Until then, though, we’ve got what looks like the next best thing: Seth MacFarlane’s spoof of the franchise, The Orville.

I’m not usually a fan of MacFarlane’s shows because they’re always so on the nose with their references and humor. But, in the case of The Orville, I think that works perfectly. There are no qualms that this show is exactly what it is, a spoof of Star Trek, and adding in the romantic dynamic is a fun touch. I’m here for this.

oh hell yeah, fuck Star Trek Discovery… whenver that actually comes out, not to mention the BS with CBS airing the first episode for everybody, then the rest of the show behind it’s stupid $5 steaming app… it might be good, it might even be great — but this looks awesome :)

almost surpised it took this long.

#chuckle  #thumbsup

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