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The Birthplace of Mankind is… Europe?

Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa, scientists find…

The history of human evolution has been rewritten after scientists discovered that Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa.

Currently, most experts believe that our human lineage split from apes around seven million years ago in central Africa, where hominids remained for the next five million years before venturing further afield.

But two fossils of an ape-like creature which had human-like teeth have been found in Bulgaria and Greece, dating to 7.2 million years ago.

The discovery of the creature, named Graecopithecus freybergi, and nicknameded ‘El Graeco’ by scientists, proves our ancestors were already starting to evolve in Europe 200,000 years before the earliest African hominid.

whoa… what the shit?!

i’ve always heard that the cradle of mankind was in africa, and that we slowly started to migrate out from there eons ago… but now they’re saying that the birthplace of modern day humans is in europe?


i’ll be damned.

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