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6 Things We Liked About The Defenders (and 4 We Didn’t)

So many big crossover events can feel isolated from what’s going on in each individual character’s lives in their own series—unimportant enough that everyone can come together, quip, and punch bad guys for a bit, and then be on their merry ways for the real character development to happen in their own series. But The Defenders feels huge not just for the culmination of years of build up, but for how vitally important it is for the main characters and supporting characters involved beyond introducing them to a wider world… or a wider New York, in this case.

i started to watch The Defenders over the weekend and finished the last few episodes last night… didn’t realize it was only 8 episodes until it was over and i was like “you’re kidding me… that’s the end? the finale?!?! WTF?!”

i will say that i liked this show/series better than The Iron Fist, but damn man…. all that time waiting, hearing about it, and looking forward to it and it’s only 8 episodes long… geeeesh, c’mon netflix.

PS. watched it yet? what did ya think?



  1. Only a few episodes in so far. Personally, would’ve been happy if they’d just released a new season of Jessica Jones which was my favorite series of the bunch (with Daredevil 2nd, Luke Cage 3rd and Iron Fist waaaay last). Not looking for spoilers or anything but kind hoping the Hand takes out Iron Fist once and for all ;)


  2. Yeah, i’m kinda with ya on that one… especially the part about the Iron Fist being wayyyyyyyy last. lol

    Could definitely go for some more Jessica Jones, and maybe it’s just me, but kinda feel like they messed (nerfed?) her a bit in The Defenders…. dunno… don’t want to drop spoilers on ya.

    Still think the first season of Dare Devil was my fav, though :)


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