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The Expanse, Season Finale

The Expanse’s EP on the Stellar Second Season and Last Night’s Explosive Finale

So much happened in last night’s season two finale of The Expanse—not all of it clear—we had no choice but to get some answers. We talked to executive producer Naren Shankar about how the second season of the acclaimed scifi series was planned, how it was made, and where it’s going in season three. Oh, and also, why humanity might not be quite as horrible as Naomi’s big speech implies.

If you missed the season finale, “Caliban’s War”—named for the second book in James S.A. Corey’s book series—here’s what you need to know: Avasarala, Cotyar, and Bobbie are pinned down by Mao’s forces. Meanwhile, a Protomolecule hybrid, in classic zombie fashion, has invaded the Roci and is trying to get to the ship’s power source.

While Bobbie manages to escape in an attempt to get her power armor and come back for Avasarala and Cotyar, the Roci crew fails to repel the hybrid, leaving Holden trapped in the hold with it. Prax figures out that they can use a nuke—and its radiation—to lure the hybrid off the ship and into the Roci’s engines to be burned up. Prax hesitates for a bit before throwing the nuke, but he does and they’re saved.

Avasarala decides to give herself up, and just as Mao’s men prepare to execute her, Bobbie arrives in her suit to save them. Meanwhile, back on the Roci, Naomi tells Holden that no matter how technology changes, humans don’t. They took tribalism to the stars and found new ways to hate and fight each other. So instead of destroying the Protomolecule sample like Holden told her to, she gave it to Fred Johnson. At the same time, the Arboghast moves towards the Eros crater, when it is surrounded by the Protomolecule and torn apart.

Ready? Let’s begin.

i totally didn’t realize that last night’s episode of ‘The Expanse’ was the season finale… damnit… now what the hell am i gonna watch, much less look forward to, wednesday nights?!? at least they’ve confirmed a season 3 in 2018.

#SadPanda  #Sniff

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