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The Fate of ISIS

The Islamic State and the Limitations of Cruelty

The fate of ISIS reminds us that those who pose as superhuman savages often cannot stand up to payback by their outraged victims.

The Islamic State just lost its capital at Raqqa, and with it the last of the terrorist group’s fantasies of establishing a Middle East caliphate.

In recent years, ISIS has horrified global audiences with video clips of unspeakable atrocities. What sort of humans could behead, incinerate, drown, torture, and blow up innocent civilians, mock and record such horror, and then narrate their macabre videos for a world audience?


been awhile since i’ve really heard much about ISIS, to be honest… then again, i’ve pretty much checked out on the news of late and don’t really keep tabs on it all that much anymore… on the one hand, i think it’s a good thing since it’s less stress & worry in my life — kinda crazy, since i didn’t even realize how much crap it added… but once i stopped watching the news on the daily, and reading all these articles and news postings, i found i had less to think / worry / stress on about… which i think is a good thing.

on the flipside, there’s been a few times where somebody says something like “hey, did you hear about _______?!??” and i’m like, “huh? what?”

so yeah, there’s that.

PS. personally, i still can’t believe we, as an international collective group, dropped the hammer on ISIS and are still talking about it years later… seriously, what the fuck.


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