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The Glass House of the NFL

time to peel back those eyelids over some strong friday morning coffee and see what victor hanson is writing about this week — The Glass House of the NFL

The league’s national significance is rapidly diminishing, due to hypocrisy and hyper-politicization in a once-loved American establishment.

The National Football League is a glass house that was cracking well before Donald Trump’s criticism of players who refuse to stand during the national anthem.

The NFL earned an estimated $14 billion last year. But 500-channel television, Internet live streaming, video games, and all sorts of other televised sports have combined to threaten the league’s monopoly on weekend entertainment — even before recent controversies.

It has become a fad for many players not to stand for the anthem. But it is also becoming a trend for irate fans not to watch the NFL at all.

Multimillionaire young players, mostly in their 20s, often cannot quite explain why they have become so furious at emblems of the country in which they are doing so well.

Their gripes at best seem episodic and are often without supporting data. Are they mad at supposedly inordinate police brutality toward black citizens, or racial disparity caused by bias, or the perceived vulgarity of President Donald Trump?

oh man… yeah, feel like we’ve been hip deep in this one for awhile now, and like it or not — sure does seem like we’ll continue to be talking about young multimillionaire football players taking the knee for the national anthem.

i wonder what the reaction would be like over in europe if the football soccer players took a knee during their national anthems? i mean, can you imagine the reaction in the UK? France? Italy? Germany?




  1. Yeah, I can imagine the reaction. A couple of twats would probably whine about it, despite the fact that none of those countries are ran by a deranged old man. The rest would probably sing along to the national anthem and think “I hope we could sort this (whatever it is that makes the players taking a knee) fucked up situation out”.

    You see, people in Europe has realized that there is more important things to worry about than whether or not a person is standing during the national anthem. The reason the people are taking a knee, for example.


  2. Dude, Foo, what does the fact that they are multimillionaires have to do with anything? They should shut it because they are privileged?

    I dunno man, the US has such an infatuation with money, if you are rich you should be thankful and apparently can get away with anything.

    If you were to watch Soccer in Europe, you would see that every weekend some played or another in one league protests when he scores. Here, examples:



  3. P – LOL.
    What a dream it must be to live in the utopian Shangri La that is Europe, right?
    Dude – read some of your newspapers every once in a while as well and you will see that the light doesn’t shine as bright over there as you think it does. God save the Queen.


  4. @tommy: Fuck no, Europe is not in any way, shape, or form a utopian Shangri-La. Obviously you misinterpreted my remark. Let me write it again: We have more important things to worry about than whether or not a person is standing during the national anthem. And so do you, in the US.


  5. Tommy, come out to play-ay… Don’t leave me hanging.


  6. Tommy, get back here. Right away!

    @foo, you need to enable notifications.


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