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The Grid Has Arrived

CSS Grid and the Grid Inspector
Firefox 52 includes support for CSS Grid Layout Module Level 1, a CSS specification that defines 18 new CSS properties. CSS Grid is a two-dimensional layout system for the web, making it much easier to code many of the layout patterns we’ve been solving for years using grid frameworks, natively in the browser. And it opens up a world of new possibilities for graphic design. Whether you are focusing on user interfaces for app experiences or the editorial design of content, there’s a lot of power for you in this new toolset.

CSS Grid works by defining rows and columns, and placing items into areas on the grid. The rows and columns can be given a specific size (fixed, fluid, or a mix), or they can be defined to resize themselves depending on the size of content. Items on the grid can be explicitly placed in CSS, or they might be placed by the browser according to the Grid auto-placement algorithm. These sizing and placement options give CSS Grid more power and flexibility than any of the existing layout frameworks. In addition, the ability to define and place things in rows is completely new.

We are also proud to announce our new Grid Inspector Tool, which allows you to see the grid lines directly on the page, making it easier to see what’s happening.

after reading about the new css Grid for the past year or so, i’m pretty damn hapy to hear that it’s finally arrived and been released in a production browser… i’m should be releasing it in Chrome next week, and Safari should have it with the next update from what i’ve read — MS Edge already has support, but for the original draft, so they should be rolling out an update soon i’d imagine.

still, it’s definitely good news for us webheads ;)



  1. Great. Now we just need to wait about 5 years until all browsers properly support it and there are enough legacy versions that it can be used in a production website ;)


  2. That’s what i always think when something like this finally rolls out… i’m usually like “sounds great, too bad i can’t fucking use it” — but i’m glad to see they’re rolling this out in all the major browsers so quickly.

    Gives me some hope :)


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