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The Matrix Phone Is Back

Nokia’s banana phone from The Matrix is back

Back in 1999, Keanu Reeves was famous for playing Neo in The Matrix, and not for looking sad on a bench. Nokia was also the “world’s leading mobile phone supplier” back then, and it used this popularity to feature its Nokia 8110 “banana phone” in The Matrix film. At the time everyone who considered themselves cool (definitely me) wanted a Nokia phone just like Neo’s, but most of us had to settle for the Nokia 7110 with its spring-loaded slider.

Now HMD, makers of Nokia-branded phones, is bringing the Nokia 8110 back to life as a retro classic. Just like the Nokia 3310 that was a surprise hit at Mobile World Congress last year, the 8110 plays on the same level of nostalgia. The slightly curved handset has a slider that lets you answer and end calls, and HMD is creating traditional black and banana yellow versions.

oh man, there’s something definitely pretty cool and nostalgic about having a “matrix” phone… not sure i could go back to using a phone with no apps on it, but i’d be lying if i said there wasn’t something refreshing about it.

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