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The North Korea Standoff

Who’s Really Winning the North Korea Standoff?

Kim Jong-un may seem to have the upper hand, but the U.S. is quietly proving otherwise.

There have been wild reports that the United States is considering a “bloody nose” preemptive attack of some sort on North Korea’s nuclear arsenal. Such rumors are unlikely to prove true. Preemptive attacks usually are based on the idea that things will so worsen that hitting first is the only chance to decapitate a regime before it can do greater damage.

But in the struggle between Pyongyang and Washington, who really has gotten the upper hand?

With its false happy face in the current Winter Olympics, North Korea thinks it is winning the war of nerves. Yet its new nuclear-missile strategy is pretty transparent. It wants to separate South Korea’s strategic interests from those of the United States, with boasts — backed by occasional nuclear-missile tests — that it can take out West Coast cities.

Pyongyang could then warn its new frenemy, Seoul, that the United States would never risk its own homeland to keep protecting South Korea. So it would supposedly be wiser for Koreans themselves, in the spirit of Olympic brotherhood, to settle their own differences. A failed but nuclear North Korea ultimately would dictate the terms of the relationship to a successful but non-nuclear South Korea. Continue…

yeah, i think most sane people would agree that any kind of preemptive attack on north korea would be downright nuts… i’m sure they’ve gone through every possible scenario and have plans drawn up for each of them… on the flipside, it’s just a shitty situation and nobody likes the idea of NK having nuclear weapons — nothing good will come of that.

PS. personally, was surprised to see NK at the winter olympics.

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