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The Orville Was Bad

5 Science Fiction Comedies That Prove How Bad The Orville Is

Fox premiered Seth MacFarlane’s Star Trek-ish comedy, The Orville, last night. Was it as bad as all the early reviews claimed it would be? It was worse, actually, because nothing truly captures the pain of something actually managing to crawl under the low bar it set for itself. And there’s no reason for The Orville to be that bad, since plenty of other comedies have managed to achieve all the things MacFarlane wants to do, but can’t.

Though MacFarlane and company have claimed that The Orville isn’t a comedy or a drama, but some new hybrid that has been inaccurately sold as a parody, there’s actually nothing new in The Orville. The jokes that are based in the cultural osmosis achieved by Star Trek don’t really say anything about the show. The low-brow sex jokes are just… gross and weird. And the serious parts are flat-out boring in way that gives Star Trek: The Motion Picture a run for its money.

seems like everybody online, and especially the “critics” downright hated the show… but let’s be honest, what the hell were they expecting?!? between seth macfarlane and the show trailer that came out months ago, seemed pretty damn clear what you were getting with the show… it’s silly, an obvious spoof on star trek, with some obnoxious moments… but again, what the hell where they expecting?!

personally, i liked it in a cheesy kinda way.

TNG + Family Guy = Orville

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