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The Strangest, Dumbest Minute Of Basketball

This Is The Strangest, Dumbest Minute Of Basketball We’ve Seen In A Long Time

To break things down:

  1. Russia (red) is supposed to score on the basket on the left; Spain (white), the basket on the right. 
  2. At the 1:17:40 mark, Russia brings the ball down the court and attempts to score on the correct hoop;
  3. A Russian player steps out of bounds while rebounding a missed shot, which should give Spain the ball;
  4. BUT! A Russian player goes to inbound the ball, and nobody seems to notice, including the referee, who gives her the ball;
  5. Presumably so perplexed by the mixup they can’t think straight, the Russians inbound the ball and… starts driving down the court the wrong way;
  6. A Russian player spots up and drains a three on her own hoop;
  7. Finally, everyone wakes up from whatever nap they were taking, and after much deliberation, Spain is awarded the three points. 

Yeah, we don’t know either.

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