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These F*cking Trees

woke up a bit earlier than usual this morning so i could pickup my dad and drive him over for his weekly chemo appointment @ 8am… actually got up around 6:30am, which is hella early for me… anywho, i get back home armed with my Wawa coffee, still yawning and a bit bleary eyed, and just happened to notice something a bit weird or off in my back yard through the kitchen window.

apparently, at some point last night, a big ass tree limb broke off and fell, taking up half my back yard..! ummmmm… yeah… like WTF.

it was raining last night when i went to bed, and i’m pretty sure we didn’t have some hurricane or tornado rip through (i think)… doesn’t look like it was hit by lightning, least that i can tell… so i have no idea what the hell happened.

well that’s just fucking great.

now i’m gonna have to call around and see if i can’t get somebody over to cut up and remove this damn thing… not to mention maybe looking at that tree, since the last thing i want to deal with is a big ass tree falling on my damn house or crushing my beloved miata… g’damnit.

if it’s not one thing, it’s another…

#sigh  #mutter



  1. i’d say you got lucky mang. annie’s parents had a tree fall on their house recently. it did all types of damage to the roof, siding, etc.

    perhaps you can chop it up and have a little bon fire. :)


  2. you’re right, am pretty damn lucky it didn’t land right on top of my house…. but damn, shitty thing to notice first thing in the morning y’know? :/


    hope annie’s parents get their house sorted out :)


  3. Dude, go grab a chainsaw at Home Depot and cut that bitch up yo’self!


  4. Time to buy a chainsaw and make the best of it :)


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