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Tim Howard Breaks World Cup Record

World Cup: USMNT goalkeeper Tim Howard sets World Cup record with 16 saves vs. Belgium

Of all that was said about Tim Howard’s performance against Belgium, “best ever” pretty much sums it up.

In his 104th cap, Howard single-handedly kept the USMNT in the match until the end of their memorable 2-1 loss with a World-Cup record 16 saves. It’s the most in the tournament since 1966, when they started keeping records. […]

The most recorded saves previous to Howard was 13 and came in 1978, by Peru’s Ramon Quiroga.

even though we lost in overtime yesterday against belgium, Tim Howard was fucking extraordinary — without a doubt, he kept us in that game and at least gave the guys a chance… i’m still a little bummed out, but at the same time i think they did better than almost everybody expected going into the thing.

also surprised by how much support there’s been for the US team in the world cup this time around… just feels like more people got excited and were watching than i remember from past world cups, which i think is pretty cool.

still a lot of soccer haters around here, though. *chuckle*

Someone changed the Wikipedia entry for U.S. Secretary of Defense to ‘Tim Howard’



  1. So, so deflating. Now we wait another four years. Four effing years. I really hope Jurgen sticks around. I think his methods will get us to a higher level, but they need more time to develop. I hope Yedlin, Green, Brooks and others stay in Germany/Europe, it’s the only way we will grow.


  2. And soccer haters can jump off a cliff.


  3. a-fucking-men, brutha…! feel like i’m surrounded by soccer haters at times… then i turn around and see a couple guys walking down the street (like yesterday afternoon) all wearing the US soccer team jerseys — had me smile and yell out to them “nice jerseys, dudes!”

    i really, really hope we keep Jurgen as well… given some more time, i really think he can help us go even further the next time around… though i’m not sure what you mean about hoping that Yedlin, Green, Brooks stay in germany/europe? eh?!?


  4. Meh. Soccer is boring. I’ve never seen millions of idiots screaming their heads off to watch a 0-0 tie in a hockey game. That’s because 0-0 ties suck. Yes, the set-ups can be cool, yes, the footwork and athleticism is impressive – but in both cases sports like hockey and rugby outdo soccer – and there is scoring and serious contact, not jersey and hair pulling, tripping, and biting.

    Plus – when’s the last time you saw a hockey player or for that matter any pro player cry when he got kicked? They might cry when the national anthem plays, they may cry when they’re looking down at the wreckage that was formerly their knees, but to flop around like a fish and cry like a bitch? Only soccer.


  5. @DougieOh Lower scores just means that the goals are worth more and it is harder to score. Serious contact? Soccer players are always trying to fight for the ball, while hockey players actually start punching each other like kids. Soccer haters always say it is boring because they don’t have the attention span to watch the full 90 minutes. While in football, there is only 11 minutes or so of actual gameplay, the majority being taken by ads.


  6. djmac I played soccer for 12 years. After that I played rugby for 13 years. I assure you that rugby is by far a more difficult and physical game. Nobody ‘flops’ in rugby – because the ref doesn’t care. Play won’t stop for a man shot dead on the field until the ball is either taken out of bounds or is pinned under so many bodies it can’t move.
    Soccer is a fun sport. It’s fine. But – much like basketball – it suffers from players and coaches who know how to game it’s very sensitive rules regarding contact. Flopping and diving and crying is a necessary corollary. And accepting your position that goals are worth more and harder to come by, it makes it that much more likely that someone will try to get a cheap one by acting.


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