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Try’n Out Terrarium

was having some issues with Kodi/Exodus on my Fire TV the other night, so started to google around and after clicking around for a bit, ended up giving Terrarium TV a spin.

aside from liking the UI a little better, so far it seems like i’ve been having better luck finding 1080/HD streams… just to test, i re-watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones, then ended up spending the next two hours of my life watching Rick & Morty — hard to resist, sooooo good (lol)

another streaming app i downloaded/installed was Mobdrop App, which has a crapload of live TV stations… not quite as slick on the UI front, but looks like a standard android app… clicked around and tried out a few tv stations and everything worked and they came right up, though i did notice that it seemed like a couple of them were kinda low quality — totally watchable, but not awesome that’s for sure.

PS. why pay $35 a month for PS Vue when you can watch it for free?



  1. Yo Foo…what VPN are you using?


  2. Virtual private network…guess that answers that question. :)


  3. Well duh… yeah, know what a VPN is… i get one one to connect to the office/work network all the time.

    Just wondering why ya asked, regarding streaming apps on Fire TV??



  4. You need to get elysium for kodi. It’s the new Exodus.


  5. Elysium? Sweet man, will snag it and check it out this weekend… used to love exodus, but damned if it’s not kinda gone downhill of late.

    thanks dude!



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