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Two Resistances

Two Resistances

The quiet resistance — the one without black masks and clubs — is the more revolutionary force, and it transcends race, class, and gender.

After the election of Donald Trump, there arose a self-described “Resistance.” It apparently posed as a decentralized network of progressive activist groups dedicated to derailing the newly elected Trump administration.

Democrats and progressives borrowed their brand name from World War II French partisans. In rather psychodramatic fashion, they envisioned their heroic role over the next four years as that of virtual French insurgents — coming down from the Maquis hills, perhaps to waylay Trump’s White House, as if the president were an SS Obergruppenführer und General der Police running occupied Paris. Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone wrote admiringly about the furious Resistance’s pushback against Trump, with extravagant claims that his agenda was already derailed thanks to a zillion grass-roots and modern-day insurgents.

Hillary Clinton belatedly announced that she too had joined up with the Resistance (“I’m now back to being an activist citizen and part of the Resistance”), apparently in approbation of both its methods and agendas.

Appropriating the name of heroic World War II fighters to characterize a loosely formed alliance of Trump resisters has since proven a mockery of history — and creepy as well.


i had to wake up a bit early this morning to run over to the dentist for my 6-month cleaning, so needless to say i didn’t get my typical morning coffee going… and other than having my teeth scraped, picked at, and heavily brushed… well, let’s just say i’m feeling the lack of that morning coffee pretty fierce right now — can’t roll into the dentist with a hot 20oz of coffee, now can ya? that’s just wrong, man.

anywho, another good one from victor as usual.

PS. sorry coffee, but i’ll make it up to ya!

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