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Verizon vs. Netgear Nighthawk X4S

verizon came out this past thursday to hook me up with gigabit, which is awesome… then i ordered a new router — NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S — to replace the one that verizon gave me so i could return it and save myself an additional $15-20 a month.

i got it saturday afternoon, and then went about trying to set it up… for some reason it just wasn’t seeing the internet at all, and after awhile i broke down and called verizon tech support… ended up hard rebooting the netgear router half a dozen times, swapped out the ethernet cables a few times, and verizon checked the line… released the IP a couple times, and finally rebooted the FiOS box on the outside of my house — still wasn’t able to see or connect to the internet. g’damnit.

so i talked to my buddy ron, and after remoting into my macbook and messing around with it for 20 minutes or so… he figured out what the problem was, and had me up and running on my new nighthawk router.

fucking sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!

thanks again buddy, you rock dude!




  1. So what was the problem? Good story and all, but it feels incomplete without Ron’s solution. :)


  2. I remember a similar issue when trying to setup my NETGEAR R6400. In the end I think I had to completely reformat the router which seemed nuts but it worked


  3. oh damn, didn’t get that bad where i had to completely reformat the router or anything like that… to be honest, i’m not 100% sure what exactly ron did to fix it, even though i was going shotgun and there watching him remote into my macbook. lol

    otherwise, i’d totally drop what exactly the solutions was mang.

    i’m just happy we got it all working! now i just need this label from verizon then i can send this one back… heh.



  4. shit, guess i must’ve cleared my cookies and didn’t even notice…



  5. I just put in a UniFi system in my house. I’ve got an old house with plaster walls and range and speed is always a problem. But no more! It’s a corporate grade mesh like system that’s super easy to configure and it’s cheap. Highly recommend to anyone looking for better coverage.


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