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Winter Strikes Back

Winter strikes back: Cold hits the East Coast with a blizzard on the way

Freezing temperatures hit much of the Northeast this weekend, and a blizzard is expected to sweep through New York and Boston on Monday in what could possibly be the region’s biggest snowstorm of the season.

The March storm, which has followed what has been a mild winter for the region, could dump up to 18 inches on Central Park between late Monday and Tuesday morning, according to The Associated Press.

The storm could bring periods of intense snowfall, with as much as 2 or 3 inches per hour possible at times.

Washington, D.C., could get 6-10 inches, Baltimore could see 8-12 inches, and Philadelphia is forecast to get 10-14 inches.

feel like everybody’s been talking about this coming winter storm all day today, and i’m seriously not looking forward to it… i know i’ve bitched a little about this weird/warm winter we’ve been having this year, but i just can’t get excited about snow and sleet.


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