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Wonder Woman’s First Reactions

The First Reactions for Wonder Woman Are Spectacular

The release of Wonder Woman is just a few short weeks away and DC’s latest film is currently screening for the media. Full reviews are still under embargo—but tonight, Warner Bros. allowed non-spoiler reactions on social media, and they were almost overwhelmingly positive.

#WonderWoman is hands down the best DCEU Film to date! Film is SO GOOD. I absolutely loved it! Bravo

i’m pretty stoked to hear that the first reactions to the movie are so positive… lots of people and lots of tweets about how good the movie is, which is fucking great! been really hoping they finally did a good job on at least one of these DC movies… was flipping through the channels a few nights back and ended up watching most of “The Black Knight” again since it’s been quite awhile, and holy shit — really puts it into stark perspective, y’know?

PS. i love the opening theme song

#GoodNews  #WonderWoman

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