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What’s Coming in WordPress 4.7 (Features and Screenshots)

The beta version of WordPress 4.7 arrived last week. We have been following the development closely, and we are excited to report that final version is expected to be released around December 6th, 2016. In this article, we will highlight what’s coming in WordPress 4.7 with features and screenshots.

New Default Theme – Twenty Seventeen

WordPress 4.7 will be the last major release of 2016. As is the tradition, it will come with a new default theme for the next year.

Video Headers Support

Many premium WordPress themes are already allowing users to add video headers. Twenty Seventeen will be the first default theme to come with video header support. You can upload and use your own videos in mp4 format, or you can also use YouTube and Vimeo videos by simply entering the video URL.

didn’t even realize that WP 4.7 was so close to being final… looking forward to this new theme, since i usually just start with one of the defaults and then go about tweaking it… also nice to see that they’re adding video header support by default.

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