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X-37B Two Years Later

Air Force Releases Photos of X-37B Plane After 700 Days in Space

Early Sunday, a sonic booming could be heard across central Florida as an unmanned, reusable space plane landed at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Shortly after the unannounced landing, the Air Force tweeted that an X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle had returned from orbit.

The space plane had been circling Earth for over 700 days. It was launched by an Alliance Atlas V rocket on May 20, 2015. The X-37B’s orbital mission was entirely classified and we still don’t know exactly what it was doing up there all this time.

man, that’s kinda crazy… i remember reading and blogging about this when it launched, and totally forgot all about it until i stumbled across this just now — so it’s been up there orbiting around our lovely little blue dot for the past two years?


PS. what’s up with the guys in the white hazmat suits? seems kinda weird… what kind of experiments are they doing up there in space?!

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  1. The hazmat suits are most likely needed because of the radiation absorption from being in orbit that long (without an atmosphere to shield radiation, it’s pretty strong up there).

    I remember u blogging about it too.


  2. holy shit, didn’t really think of that… guess because most things we’ve had up there that actually came back to earth (space shuttle, etc) wasn’t up there very long… few days and all that.

    g’damn, that’s gotta be some serious radiation, now that i think about it!

    good call, mang


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